The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr. Elikem Tamaklo tested positive for coronavirus. Unfortunately, his family are also involved and has isolated with the family undergoing medical treatment according to the media representative of Nyaho Medical Centre, Rita Agyeiwaa Rockson “everybody is fine”.

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As part of the Medical Center Business Continuation Plan, non-clinical staff (including Managing Director) have been working from Home in a virtual manner since March 23, 2020. “This should enable effective social distance at the center and sufficient space for clinical staff to continue to provide quality care to patients.

“Dr. Tamaklo has not been physically present at the hospital in the past two weeks, so we can confirm that the exposure came from the community,” Agyweiwaa Rockson said.

According to the prescribed protocol, Dr. Tamaklo and his family are currently in quarantine and will follow all the necessary instructions from the District Health team, who have worked closely with the Nyaho Medical Center to follow up and treat patients.
In a short video for all employees, Dr. Tamaklo: “I am fine at the moment, but I feel that it must fully comply with Nyaho’s guidelines and commit to building a culture of trust. The stigma that some people bear is unfair and unfounded. Through no fault of their own, they have been exposed to an unseen threat, a virus, and now must focus on their path to recovery for themselves, their families, and their wider community.

“We all must continue to do our best and remain disciplined and follow all the recommended precautions, such as washing hands with soap under running water, often using hand sanitizer, maintaining a social distance of 2 meters.” Wear face masks in public places and indoors when interacting with others and responding to our own health, to isolate ourselves when we feel the symptoms, and to see a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. ”

According to the Nyaho Medical Center, it continues to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offer high-quality care to patients.

“Dr. Tamaklo will take a short break to focus on his recovery. During this time, Dr. Victoria Loko, medical director, will lead all clinical cases, while Emmanuel Agyei, chief operating officer, will oversee all operational issues at the center.” Rita Agyeiwaa Rockson told the media.

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