The Minority Members of Parliament are not in agreement with the approval of the Coronavirus Alleviation Programme(CAP) budget. The budget presented to parliament by Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta is estimated at GHS1.2 billion considering the Contingency Fund.

They accused the Finance Committee in parliament for giving approval to the CAP budget without going through the due procedure of first presenting their report to parliament for scrutiny before approval. Additionally, the Finance Committee approved the Coronavirus Alleviation Programme(CAP) budget even when Minority said that the budget lacked details in the financial estimates and electricity budget needed to be added.

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Ken Ofori Atta, Minister for Finance

The CAP budget was presented last Wednesday and was approved that same day by the Finance Committee of Parliament. After the Finance Minister read the budget it was referred to the Finance Committee by the Speaker of Parliament and they granted the request.

The Speaker of Parliament

According to sources, Deputy Minority Leader in Parliament, James Klutse Avedzi registered the displeasure of Minority as follows;

“Our proposal [for domestic consumption of electricity power] was made clear to the committee, we expect that the Chairman will incorporate our recommendations into the report that the committee will have to generate. But they are raising Article 177 (1) of the Constitution where they think that the committee is not supposed to issue any report to the House. We didn’t agree to that because this is not the first time this is happening. But they think that they don’t want to go by that, they think that the Finance Committee alone can just look at it and approve it and write the communication to the Ministry of Finance that they have approved it. I think that there is nothing wrong if the Finance Committee communicates its approval in the form of a report for the entire House to debate and adopt it for the Minister to go and spend. ,”.


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