The 32-inch flat-screen TV and computer monitor were stolen from Nima Division Police Station. The theft is believed to have occurred early Thursday morning.

According to the station officials, the thief entered the building on the blind side of the official guarding the prosecution, a few meters from the scene.

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ACP division commander Abraham Acquaye Speaking to Citi News monitored by straightnewsonline said his team had launched an investigation into the issue.

Robbers entered through the window and use the area where the air conditioner is located. The man “also tried to get a rice cooker, but the lid fell so he gave up,” said ACP Acquaye.

He added that the thief also tried to steal from a neighbour’s apartment where a policeman and his family lived, “but found nothing that was worth the money.”

There were no police officers at the time, but ACP Acquaye denied allegations that there were guards at the police station.”We always have officers on the counter at the counter where we have prisoners.”

“I would not say there was a debauchery. This was an unfortunate incident. When I arrived I was told that the guard was closed and left,” he added.

Unlike the charge office, the Orderly Room does not have a video surveillance camera. “Our interests are always there because of the prisoners,” ACP Acquaye admitted.

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