Relationships here are two facets. There are relationships that have not landed in marriage. It could be courtship or developing a relationship and then there is a marriage relationship. A marriage relationship is a deep and committed relationship that should stand the test of time.

Jealously emanates from one’s emotion which makes him or her feel unsecured, cheated upon, disrespected or not having the needed attention.

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Jealously could only be justified when there is evidential proof of infidelity on the part of one spouse or a party to a relationship. This may end up in break up or forgiveness.

Most jealously displayed are unfounded and unjustifiable. Unjustifiable jealously arises when the reasons to jealously are non-existent or imaginary and/or unsubstantiated. Someone jealously arises because he/she wants to possess the other and that is not working. It is absolutely absurd to think of possessing or owning the other party to a relationship. Some spouses may become jealous because her husband’s work does not give her time.

My emphasis here will dwell more on unfounded jealousy. Jealousy normally leads to distrust, anger, fear, insecurity, psychological pain.

Jealousy does not warrant faithfulness, sometimes, the jealous partner feels he/she should payback and it rather makes them unfaithful which could lead to break up or divorce.

Those suffering from unfounded jealousy should try;

to raise their self-concept. How they think of or see themselves should change. Hitherto if they feel inferior or insecure or have poor self-concept they are liable to jealousy. Having good self-concept can help them to have confidence in themselves.

to get a good counselor to help you control your thought.

to control your behaviuor- find out the habits, stimuli that reinforce or triggers jealously and then try to disconnect from displaying it towards your partner by having a strong and practical resolve.

try as much as possible to have some degree of trust for your partner.


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