According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, “the world is bleeding”. The consequences of COVID-19 is graving. It has taken lives in the world and still counting. Italy is going through hard times in terms of the rates of infections and deaths and of course, China has had worse numbers.COVID-19 emanated from China. Ghana has partially lockdown, South Africa also lockdown for 21 days, the UK and Italy.

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He added that the world has neglected and despised repentance and this is the time for the world to repent and that God is angry with the world. The only solution is repentance. He intimated that if we have agreed to and are taking precautionary measures against COVID-19 because of fear and panic, then we should also do the same to turning to Jesus. God is angry with the world until we give our lives to him.

Presidents of the world have sleepless nights thinking of what to do to arrest COVID-19. The pharmaceutical companies all over the world are working assiduously to manufacture the cure and vaccine for COVID-19. It is bringing the world’s economies down gradually. Businesses and companies of the world most of them have shut down or suspended with the exception of the essential sectors like health and financial sectors. In some countries shops have closed down. This is a recipe for economic crunch if solution is not found earlier. However, the solution is repentance, Prophet Kofi Oduro said.

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