We often see most women; lady friends, wives, mothers, and sisters cook food with the inclusion of bay leaves. One may wonder why the need for that. Until one finds out you wouldn’t know the secret behind that. I see some women cook meat with bay leaves and some say it gives flavour. Some users drink hot bay leaf tea and some boil it and inhale the gas that comes out.

If you want to know why bay leaves in food help, then read the following based on scientific research;

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The consumption of bay leaves helps a great deal to treat digestive disorders. It normalizes bowel movement.
It helps to get rid of lumps and treats heartburn and constipation.
It contains cardiovascular protective compounds which help to prevent heart failure or cardiac arrest and stroke
It reduces blood sugar. It helps the body produce insulin which actually reduces blood glucose especially when one drinks bay tea for sometimes.
Since it is antioxidant it prevents cell damage and the formation of cancer cells because it contains caffeic acid, quercetin, eigonol and bartolinide.
Bay Leaf Tea
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It is an effective cholesterol reducing agent
 Due to its rich content in vitamin C, it is effective in the treatment of colds, flu, and acute cough.
When one takes boiled bay leaf two times a day repeatedly it can help to break kidney stones and cure infections. We need to make sure we are well hydrated to prevent the occurrence of kidney stone which results in severe pains and complications
Bay leaves are recommended for everyone. Those of us who have not tried it lets try it and enjoy the benefits of consumption.
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