Another name for pepper is paprika. The fruit of the vegetable plant could be reddish, yellowish, greenish in colour. Some uncommon ones could be orange, purple, and even black. It belongs to the Solanaceae botanical family that could grow to a height of 60cm.

Because of capsaicin contained in pepper its’ an aperitif and stimulates digestion. One could understand why some people like alcohol are friends to pepper.

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Pepper contains very scanty protein, carbohydrates. It also contains small amounts of B group of vitamins and vitamin E.

It provides beta-carotene, lycopene to the body after consumption.

It contains a high amount of vitamin C. Its vitamin C content is almost four times as lemons or oranges.

It is an effective antioxidant that protects the circulatory system.

Because of its constituent in fiber, it acts as a laxative agent and so to a large extent it deals with constipation.

it is good for those suffering from indigestion partly due to a low amount of digestive juice. It helps to deal with stomach disorders.

Peper is also good for people suffering from diabetes and obesity since it contains scanty carbohydrates and calories.

It acts as an agent to preventing cancer especially of the digestive organ such as stomach and colon.

Pepper is an important part of food intake since we have walked through the benefits above. It is needed in the preparations of stews, soups, etc. However, it should not be eaten with other foods excessively.

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