We all know that Tech giant, Google has the largest share of the browser market and it’s rivals too know this. Don’t be surprised yet, you all say “Google it” instead of search it. Google has received a whopping 70.39% of the Internet browser market according to NetMarketShare leaving it’s rivals, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla firefox with 8.87% and 7.30% of the market share respectively.

Despite this domination by Google, rivals aren’t relaxing. Mozilla Firefox has just delivered a new update that can scoop some customers away from Google Chrome.

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Mozilla Firefox launched an upgrade this week with some exciting features. Notable among these new features is the Firefox 76 which saves users  a lot of money, time and juggling on the net.

The upgrade also added a new password protection feature. It’s job is to notify users of data breaches. This new feature helps users to respond to breaches quickly enough and change passwords to deny hackers from breaking into user accounts.

The password protection feature also helps those users who find it difficult to generate logins. The feature auto-generates logins for you if you can’t.

Mozilla is speeding up its updates into a regular 4-week interval unlike it’s competitors, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It’s next update launch is ready for early June.


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