Thousands of people have been filmed robbing food aid stores in Nigeria amid mass unrest in the West African country.

The warehouse in the town of Jos was looted over the weekend after angry protesters accused the government of hiding food aid from them.

The footage shows people climbing onto the roof of a warehouse, tearing apart corrugated iron sheets, and then throwing grocery bags into the crowd.

The Jos warehouse is just one of several such structures to be affected. Nearly a third of the country’s 36 states reported food aid attacks.

Ministers said the food was supposed to help those affected by the coronavirus lockdown and it was still being distributed.

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But amid widespread anti-government protests and the shooting of peaceful activists while the security services are watching, people don’t believe it.

According to the Nigerian government, more than half of the country’s population was forced to borrow to pay for groceries during the Coronavirus lockdown earlier this year.

Meanwhile, 68 percent of households were exposed to moderate or severe food insecurity in August, even after the lockdown subsided.

A coalition of government officials have dismissed the corruption allegations, saying the supplies have been held as strategic reserves in the event of a second wave of the virus.

However, activists say the authorities need to be more transparent.

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari called for peace on Sunday as authorities struggled to stop looting.

On October 8, peaceful demonstrations broke out in Nigeria against police brutality, which has been one of the biggest challenges for the ruling elite in decades.

The unrest worsen after security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters in central Lagos on Tuesday, sparking international outrage and days of unrest in Africa’s largest city.

President Buhari has been widely criticized for not publicly speaking about the shooting of the protesters on Tuesday. Amnesty International said soldiers and police killed 12 people.


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