A mother and two children have died in a fire in New Takoradi, a fishing community in the Western Region.

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The mother believed to be in her thirties met her untimely death on Good Friday together with the children, a year old and the other eight months.

The woman was reported to have met her unfortunate death in a washroom where she was going to bath the two children.

According to the Ghana Fire Service, the fire was caused by a premix fuel which was kept very closed to a charcoal pot.

Assistance Chief Fire Officer (ACFO) Gaddiel Ebonyi narrating the incidence disclosed that “some people were mixing premix fuel in the house at the same time someone had a fire in a charcoal pot very close to the bathroom. The fire was triggered by the fire in the pot when it came into contact with the fuel.”

He advised that “people should avoid keeping fuel in the house. Fuels are supposed to be kept at the fuel stations, not the house.”

He further cautioned that mixing of fuel should also be done outside the house.

“We noticed that they were mixing fuel in the house. This could have been done at the seashore,” he stated.

Ebonyi also disclosed that the fire service couldn’t make it on time to save the situation because the road was very congested.

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