One Ghanaian President that Ghanaians cannot forget is Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was the first President of the Republic of Ghana which was then called Gold Coast from July 1,1960 to February 24, 1966. A memorable of his has hit online promising “one man one car, one man one house” as far back as 1957.

The question is; did Dr. Kwame Nkrumah fulfil this promises?. The achievements of Nkrumah is evident in Ghana and that’s why Ghanaians cannot forget the good things he did. During Nkrumah’s rule there was heavy economic boom. There were more jobs than the population in the then Gold Coast, State Farms, Black Star Ship, he created a lot factories and jobs, started serious government housing Units and industrialisation in Tema, Built Tema Harbour, Takoradi Harbour, Akosombo Dam. There was free education, etc. However, his rule was short lived as he was overthrown in 1966 by National Liberation Council(NLC).

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