TikTok customers have uncovered a bewildering CIA report from almost 4 a long time in the past which describes the company’s perception that people can transcend house and time utilizing a way known as the Gateway Expertise. 

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The report entitled Evaluation and Evaluation of The Gateway Course of was penned in 1983 by US Military Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M McDonnell. 

McDonnell described the Gateway Expertise as ‘a coaching system designed to deliver enhanced energy, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between left and proper hemispheres in order to change consciousness, transferring it exterior the bodily sphere in order to finally escape even the restrictions of time and house’. 

In less complicated phrases, the Gateway Expertise makes use of sounds tapes to govern brainwaves with a aim of making an altered state of consciousness wherein an individual can work together with nonphysical elements of actuality.   

Sensible makes use of of the approach, based on the CIA report, embody manifesting targets, changing vitality to heal one’s physique, and even touring throughout house and time to entry new info. 

McDonnell’s report concluded that the Gateway Expertise is in truth ‘believable’ by way of bodily science, and that it may probably have sensible makes use of in US intelligence – however that extra analysis was wanted to expound upon his preliminary findings. 

The report was quietly declassified by the CIA in 2003 and largely went unnoticed. Almost 20 years later, the Gateway Expertise is now receiving renewed consideration after piquing the curiosity of TikTok customers. 

It is unclear how the report all of a sudden grabbed TikTok recognition, however over the previous month dozens of customers have recorded movies explaining the Gateway phenomenon and sharing their makes an attempt to entry it utilizing tapes out there for buy on-line.   

TikTok users have uncovered a bewildering CIA report from nearly four decades ago which describes the agency's belief that humans can transcend space and time by reaching an alternate state of consciousness using a technique called The Gateway Experience

TikTok customers have uncovered a bewildering CIA report from almost 4 a long time in the past which describes the company’s perception that people can transcend house and time by reaching an alternate state of consciousness utilizing a way known as The Gateway Expertise

TikTok user @abby_careyyy's 16-part series breaking down the contents of the CIA report has garnered millions of views in the past month

In her videos @abby_careyyy attempts to translate jargon in the CIA report into digestible terms

TikTok consumer @abby_careyyy’s 16-part sequence breaking down the contents of the CIA report has garnered thousands and thousands of views previously month

McDonnell was commissioned to discover the Gateway Expertise within the Nineteen Eighties, at a time when US intelligence businesses have been deeply keen on varied types of psychic analysis. 

CIA data counsel that the fascination was pushed partly by the idea that the Soviet Union was conducting their very own analysis into whether or not psychokinesis and extrasensory notion (ESP) might be used for espionage functions through the Chilly Struggle. 

Extra particularly, the Gateway challenge was rooted in a wider curiosity about ‘out-of-body experiences’. That time period was coined by a radio broadcasting govt named Robert Monroe, who started learning the results of sound on human consciousness within the 50s. 

In 1975, Monroe’s firm, Monroe Industries, registered patents for an audio approach known as ‘Hemi-Sync’, brief for hemispheric synchronization.  

Monroe claimed that the approach may create an altered state of consciousness through the use of sound waves to synchronize brainwave output within the left and proper hemispheres of the mind. 

These sound waves, manufactured by the Monroe Institute, are nonetheless out there right now on Amazon beginning at $969.   

McDonnell’s crew of researchers, which included famed bioengineer Itzhak Bentov, used Hemi-Sync tapes and different leisure methods of their evaluation of the Gateway Expertise.  

McDonnell opened his report with a short letter laying out how he used goal scientific strategies to grasp and discover the Gateway Expertise, with a aim of figuring out sensible makes use of for the CIA.    

He appeared to acknowledge the truth that his supposed viewers may be cautious of his findings, and emphasizes that understanding them would require not solely left-brain logic, but additionally right-brain instinct. 

The multi-pronged evaluation included the next parts:  

  • Biomedical fashions to grasp the bodily elements of the Gateway course of
  • Quantum mechanics to clarify the character and functioning of human consciousness
  • Theoretical physics to clarify the character of the time-space dimension and the means by which it might be transcended by increasing consciousness with the Gateway course of 
  • Classical physics to translate the ‘out-of-body expertise’ into the language of bodily science
McDonnell's report included this diagram of what's known as the Cosmic Egg, a representation of how individual consciousness interacts with a so-called 'universal hologram'

McDonnell’s report included this diagram of what is referred to as the Cosmic Egg, a illustration of how particular person consciousness interacts with a so-called ‘common hologram’

Within the first part after the introductory letter, McDonnell lays out three important consciousness-altering methods – hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and biofeedback – with the aim of explaining how they examine to the Gateway Expertise. 

McDonnell asserts that greedy these three methods will help lay the groundwork for reaching the Gateway Expertise. 

The important thing distinction between these methods and the Gateway Expertise is that the latter requires creating Hemi-Sync – a state of consciousness wherein the frequency and amplitude {of electrical} mind patterns in each hemispheres are equal. 

Within the report McDonnell factors to the Monroe Institute’s definition of Hemi-Sync and mentions a number of research on the tapes the institute marketed as having the ability to create it.  

He additionally presents a metaphor that Monroe researcher Melissa Jager got here up with to clarify how Hemi-Sync works. Jager likened the mind’s regular state to a lamp diffusing vitality out to a restricted depth. When each hemispheres’ electrical patterns are dropped at the identical frequency and amplitude with Hemi-Sync, Jager stated, the mind can focus vitality right into a ‘disciplined beam of sunshine’ like a laser. 

McDonnell then explains how Hemi-Sync is definitely achieved with what he calls a Frequency Following Response (FFR), ‘which implies that if a topic hears a sound produced at a frequency which emulates a type of related to the operation of the human mind, the mind will attempt to mimic the identical frequency by adjusting its output’.

The mind operates at a Beta frequency when an individual is absolutely awake, and at a Theta frequency when they’re sleeping. With FFR, researchers can trick the mind into shifting from Beta into Theta by introducing an exterior Theta frequency. 

Hemi-Sync employs FFR in a barely extra sophisticated manner – introducing a frequency within the left ear that’s 10 Hertz increased than the one launched in the proper ear. 

The mind reconciles the opposing frequencies by deciding on a single degree between the, known as a ‘beat’ frequency. 

When a beat frequency is reached with Hemi-Sync, the left hemisphere is relaxed, the physique goes right into a ‘digital sleep state’ and the mind patterns in each hemispheres align, creating the potential for the topic to change their very own consciousness, based on McDonnell.       

The digital sleep state created by Hemi-Sync concurrently lowers the topic’s coronary heart price, amplifying the frequency of brainwave output and making a ‘vibrational system’ all through the physique that matches the vitality continuum of the earth. 

McDonnell writes: ‘By resonating the the earth’s electromagnetic sphere the human physique creates a surprisingly highly effective provider wave to help the thoughts in communication exercise with different human minds equally tuned’. 

In different phrases, if two folks attain that vitality degree on the similar time, they might talk with one another inside it. 

The report then progresses right into a extra summary rationalization of how consciousness is created by the mind’s processing of vitality within the bodily world and remodeling it into what McDonnell compares to a hologram. 

McDonnell portrays the universe as ‘one gigantic hologram of unbelievable complexity’. The common hologram is made up of interacting vitality fields in movement and at relaxation, and incorporates all phases of time – previous, current and future. 

Holograms shaped by the human thoughts are ‘attuned’ to the common hologram, McDonnell asserts, with the proper hemisphere receiving vitality from the common hologram and the left hemisphere translating it into what we all know as consciousness. 

By altering the vitality matrix within the mind, the Gateway Expertise expands and alters consciousness in a manner that enables the thoughts to understand and perceive ‘ever extra’ of the common hologram, McDonnell writes.   

The report presents an abstract explanation of how consciousness is created through the brain's processing of energy in the physical world and transforming it into what McDonnell compares to a hologram, as seen in the graphic above

The report presents an summary rationalization of how consciousness is created by the mind’s processing of vitality within the bodily world and remodeling it into what McDonnell compares to a hologram, as seen within the graphic above

All the above is defined within the first 10 pages of the 28-page report. On web page 13 he presents a troubling actuality examine: ‘Up up to now our dialogue of the Gateway course of has been comparatively easy and straightforward to observe. Now the enjoyable begins.’

He goes on to clarify how the Gateway Expertise can enable an individual to transcend time and house if the mind’s frequency reaches a sure degree exterior the traditional vary of notion, having access to dimensions of the common hologram which might be usually out of attain.  

After laying all of that groundwork, Monroe lastly outlines the precise steps his analysis crew took with topics in an effort to achieve the Gateway over the course of seven days. These steps are summarized beneath:  

  1. Topic is taught to isolate ‘extraneous considerations’ right into a visualization system known as an ‘vitality conversion field. 
  2. Topic is launched to ‘resonant buzzing’ on a tape and instructed to imitate the sound. 
  3. Topic repeats a ‘Gateway affirmation’ alongside the traces of: ‘I’m merely a bodily physique and deeply need to broaden my consciousness.’
  4. Topic is uncovered to Hemi-Sync sound frequencies and inspired to ‘concentrate on a develop a notion of and admire for these emotions which accompany the synchronization of brainwaves that outcomes’.
  5. Bodily leisure methods are launched because the Hemi-Sync frequencies are expanded to incorporate ‘pink and white’ noise designed to place the physique in a digital sleep state, calm the mind’s left hemisphere and lift attentiveness in the proper hemisphere. 
  6. Topic is requested to examine an ‘vitality balloon’ extending from the highest of the pinnacle, across the physique, and converging on the toes, the place it flows again by the physique to the pinnacle and out once more. The balloon mimics the circulate of vitality within the universe, and is designed to ‘present safety towards acutely aware entities possessing decrease vitality ranges which the participant may encounter within the occasion that he achieves an out-of-body state. 
One of the final steps of the Gateway Experience involves removing oneself from the body, as shown in the graphic above

One of many ultimate steps of the Gateway Expertise entails eradicating oneself from the physique, as proven within the graphic above 

As soon as a topic masters the entire steps above, they will progress into extra exploratory levels of the Gateway expertise, whereby they learn to work together with and manipulate newly-discovered dimensions of consciousness. 

The methods employed at this level embody:

  • Drawback fixing – Topic initiatives their issues into their expanded consciousness and seeks to resolve them by gathering new info from the common hologram. 
  • Patterning – Topic focuses on a desired goal and initiatives it into the universe as if they’ve already achieved it to ‘set up the idea for precise realization of that aim’. 
  • Shade respiration – Topic imagines colours in a ‘significantly intense and and vivid method’ inside their expanded consciousness to activate the physique’s energies. 
  • Vitality bar device –  Topic imagines a pulsating dot and seeks to cost it into an vitality bar that may ‘channel power from the universe to chose elements of his physique for functions of therapeutic and revitalization’. 
  • Distant viewing – Topic transforms their vitality bar device right into a ‘whirling vortex’ that enables them to activate their unconscious and creativeness. 

Lastly, McDonnell will get to the time time journey side, beginning with accessing the previous by intensifying the sounds on the Hemi-Sync tapes in what’s known as ‘Focus 15’. 

Topics are instructed to think about time as a wheel with spokes pointing to completely different elements of their previous.  

McDonnell writes that lower than 5 % of all individuals have been capable of efficiently journey into the previous over the seven-day coaching interval. 

‘Nonetheless, Monroe Institute trainers affirm that with sufficient apply, finally Focus 15 will be achieved,’ he provides. 

‘In addition they state that not solely the person’s previous historical past is on the market for examination by the one who has achieved Focus 15, however different elements of the previous with which the person himself has had no reference to can also be accessed.’

In different phrases, topics who achieved Focus 15 have been capable of see not solely their previous, but additionally different folks’s. 

After reaching the previous, topics are invited to enterprise into the long run with Focus 21. McDonnell didn’t say what number of topics in his challenge have been capable of attain Focus 21, if any, however stated it will ‘most likely’ take months or years of apply.  

The ultimate tape entails ‘out of physique motion’, whereby a topic seeks to carry themself out of their bodily physique when their brainwave sample and vitality ranges have reached concord with their surrounding electromagnetic setting. McDonnell doesn’t state whether or not any of his topics achieved this goal. 

In a abstract of the report, McDonnell concluded: ‘There’s a sound and rational foundation by way of bodily science parameters for contemplating Gateway to be believable by way of its important targets. 

‘Intuitional insights of not solely private however of a sensible {and professional} nature would appear to be inside the bounds of affordable expectations. 

‘Nevertheless, a phased strategy for getting into the Gateway Expertise in an accelerated mode would appear to be required if the time wanted to achieve superior sates of altered consciousness is introduced inside extra manageable limits from the standpoint of creating an organization-wide exploitation of Gateway’s potential.’ 

In different phrases, McDonnell discovered that the Gateway Expertise is actual and doable, however extra analysis was wanted to get to a spot the place the CIA may really use it. 

He then laid out suggestions for the way the CIA ought to go about designing additional Gateway research – although its unclear if the company ever launched any.     

Curiously, one web page of McDonnell’s report is lacking – quantity 25 – in the course of a bit the place he was outlining potential sensible makes use of of the Gateway. 

The omission caught the eye of some readers who launched a Change.org petition calling for the CIA to launch it. 

The CIA, nevertheless, says that it by no means had the web page to start with – fueling a concept that McDonnell left it out on function as a problem for somebody to grasp the Gateway Expertise and search it out themself. 

Learn McDonnell’s full report beneath: 

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