A Former President of the Republic of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings has waded into the murder of George Floyd four days after he was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The outspoken former president referred to the killing of the black man by cops of the 3rd precinct of the Minneapolis police department as a decline of America. He lamented about the cause of death of the young man, which he called “cruel.”

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“America’s moral and political image has seriously declined since the collapse of the bipolar world. Parts of the world have suffered tremendously as a result of America’s love of war and and needless confrontations,” Mr Rawlings tweeted a day ago.

Protesters torch the 3rd precinct of the Minneapolis police department

“If some of these atrocities, especially from some white police officers against black citizens, cannot shock the American populace to see evidence of their own decline, what can? How can a police officer be the source of such cruel, violent death,” he added.

While reacting to the protests in places like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York and Denver, the former president said ” it is heart-warming” that Americans are rising against injustice. He also jabbed President Donald Trump, saying the President of the United States will screw up the situation instead of using it to “rescue his image a little.”

President Donald Trump

“It is heart-warming to see Americans react the way they are to the unfortunate incident. A shameful and unfortunate circumstances such as this could have afforded Trump a grand opportunity to rescue his image a little, but trust him to totally screw it up! Not only has he screwed it, but he could escalate matters further,” he wrote in a tweet earlier today.

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