Mason Mount has settled to be one of the most outstanding assets in Chelsea’s midfield finding himself in Thomas Tuchel’s starting XI week in and week out.

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Deployed mostly by Frank Lampard during his two-and-a-half seasons as a Coach in both Derby and Chelsea, Mount settled as his go-to guy with Gareth Southgate following suit for England and now Tuchel.

Mount has been impressive with his numbers under Tuchel becoming the player with the most Premier League goals under the German (4), created the most chances (30) and is joint-second for assists in the league(2) this season.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Premier League match with Arsenal, Tuchel speaking about Mount’s progress told Sky Sports: “There are no limits, He has the full package.

“He is incredibly talented and even more importantly, he has the personality at a very young age to keep his feet on the ground, to arrive every day at Cobham with a smile on his face. Mason is simply happy to be out there on the pitch and playing football. It doesn’t make a difference if he is playing short-sided games or four against four or if he plays out there in boxes.

“It’s what he would do if he was not a professional player, he would be in the park and would do the same stuff and I have a feeling he is very aware of how he arrived at this point in his career. It makes him very self-confident, it makes him appear very humble and very hungry to learn and these are the big circumstances to have a big career.

“He is crucial for our game, he is an absolutely key player and he deserves all the support that we give him.”

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