A pair of beautiful twin sisters in the United States have stunned academia with their new feat. They were admitted into 38 Universities with a lump sum of $ 1,000,000 in scholarships across the universities.

The twins, Arianna Williams and Arielle Williams who hail from Milwaukee are students at Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate and will be graduating as the top two students of their class. Their High school allowed them to apply to a minimum of three colleges but Arianna applied for 30 schools.

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The twin sisters have agreed to have their undergrad at Marquette because it is near home and their tuition is fully covered. They will be studying Nursing in the fall.

“We got accepted into the EOP Program (Educational Opportunity Program), and directly into the nursing program,” the twins said:

The Principal of Dr. Howard Fuller, Judith Parker said, “We couldn’t be more proud of their growth, choices and their ability to persevere with joy in the face of obstacles.

“They have traveled, organized community service projects, met Michelle Obama and represented our school inside of our walls and throughout our city.”

“We’ve always been those overachievers throughout school, period,” Arielle said. She continued that they always wanted to go beyond normal. She also admitted that it wasn’t easy arriving at this point in their education.

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