Two burglars out of three men who are suspected of torturing and killing a popular Portuguese rapper have fled to the UK. British Police are hunting for the abductors who abducted the rapper outside his Lisbon home.

David Mota, popularly known as Mota Jr went missing for over two months in Lisbon. Police detectives discovered that his suspected abductors have fled to the UK. European arrest warrants have been issued to effect their arrests.

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Police believe Mota Jr was tortured and killed after he was abducted. An initial post-mortem report showed that the 28-year-old rapper who flaunts his riches online was kicked and punched to death.

Mota Jr moved to the UK in his teens with his family where he continued with his education while his father who was already an immigrant fell ill. He was the youngest of his parents’ three children.

He disappeared on March 15 outside his home in Sintra, Lisbon. Police believe his abductors wanted to steal his jewel and cash. His decomposed body, parts of which were eaten by wild boars was found by a man walking his dog in the woods 30 miles away in Sesimbra.

The suspects reportedly returned to Mota’s home a day after his disappearance to rob his jewels and other valuables. They got into his room with a key they got from his confession under duress. Police have ruled out his death resulting from a ‘rapper war.’

Mota Jr’s mother said she believes his son’s killers just wanted to steal from him, not kill him.

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