The United Nations Human Right Experts in their analyses of Ghana’s Anti LGBTI Bill draft describes it as discriminatory. They seek postulate that people who are LGBTI are marginalized within Ghana’s borders.

They also see the Ghana’s Anti LGBTI Bill as harmful, ill-treatment and torturing to people in LGBTI bracket. It meant the bill somehow makes the LGBTI people feel ‘oppressed’.

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Additionally, their report underscores that the bill clearly disregard democracy in Ghana as Ghana claims to be a deacon of democracy in West Africa and Africa as a whole. The bill also criminalise anybody who may be found in LGBTI bracket as well as supporters or promoters.

It show great animosity against the LGBTI people and community and that this legislation draft could create a “recipe for conflict and violence,”

“The draft legislation argues that any person who deviates from an arbitrary standard of s*xual orientation or gender identity is immediately to be considered dangerous, sick or anti-social,” said the experts. “Such laws are a textbook example of discrimination.

They added: “The proposed law promotes deeply harmful practices that amount to ill-treatment and are conducive to torture, such as so-called ‘conversion therapy’ and other heinous violations like unnecessary medical procedures on interest*x children, and so-called corrective rape for women,”

“The consideration of this legislation is deeply perplexing in a country that has been regarded as a champion of democracy in Africa, with an impressive record of achieving certain Millennium Development Goals by 2015,” they said.

“The draft legislation appears to be the result of a deep loathing toward the LGBTI community. It will not only criminalise LGBTI people, but anyone who supports their human rights, shows sympathy to them or is even remotely associated with them.

“Given that LGBTI people are present in every family and every community it is not very difficult to imagine how, if it were to be adopted, this legislation could create a recipe for conflict and violence,”  it concluded.

In my conclusion, I think that every country’s law should be considered and respected in consonance to their values, beliefs, and morality. In fact, in Europe polygamy is illegal whiles in Ghana it’s accepted.

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