Dr. Serebuor Quaicoe, The Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC)  granted TV3 an interview hosted by Abena Tabi monitored by straightnewsonline.com where he said that as of 25 September 2020 Friday about 17000 missing are left to work on contrary to an estimated 60000.

He also said that work is in progress in earnest to correct the missing names as soon as possible.


“I want to also put on record that when I left the office yesterday, Friday, September 25 at the national level, we are left with 17,000 missing names. So the whole country we are now around 17000,” he told show host Abena Tabi.

The major opposition party raised legitimate concerns about missing names which they believe the majority of them are their party members incinerating that the Electoral Commission deliberately did that as a way of disenfranchising their members. The flagbearer of the NDC said during their last press conference on Addressing Electoral concerns that he will not accept flawed elections.

There are some responses to these anomalies in the Electoral Commission which reveal that some of these situations do happen in the voter registration exercise. Ghanaians expect that the EC is able to correct these challenges through the Exhibition exercise on-going before the elections within the framework of the Electoral law.




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