Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere-Darko Mensah was speaking in Takoradi at Businessmen and Professional Summit 2020 organized by Assemblies of God church Southwestern region of the Men’ Ministry on a theme; ‘Business Development and Economic Empowerment’ just Saturday, 29th February 2020. Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah was one of the speakers.

He reiterated the fact only 4.8% of the adult working population is working in the government sector and so the private sector should be strengthened and encouraged to do more.

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Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah

He categorically proposed to the churches in the western region to venture into the manufacturing sector under what he termed as ‘One church, one factory’. Like Assemblies of God in the Western region could come together to establish one factory based on the available raw materials in the region. Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah says his office is there to give the churches an enabling environment to establish factories. There are landmarks with Assemblies for factories now, loan facilities, coconut seedlings for coconut factories, etc., he said.

He echoed that the western region abounds in so many potentials and resources like cocoa, coconut, rubber, minerals resources, etc and could be exploited to the benefits of the region. He added that last year alone western region produced in excess of 10 metric tonnes of rice and the priority sectors for industries are;

Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah


2.Oil and gas


4.Financial services


6.Agriculture and Agro-processing

7. Infrastructure and real estate

Some of the churches in Ghana have helped a lot such as the establishment of primary schools up to University, supported the needy and the destitute. Another thing the churches can venture into apart education in the western region is the establishment of factories. This would reduce unemployment in the western region drastically.

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