Marriage is a beautiful venture, however, if not handled well it could be the worst nightmare among married couples. It is a lifelong journey and a panacea to a happy life. Happy marriages smell good and attract spinsters and bachelors to get married, others discourage the unmarried to get married.

For ones’ marriage to smell good the following ingredients could be implemented in good faith;

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  1. Effective communication

This is an extremely important vigour not only in marriages but in life. The exchange of information via words of mouth or by action is communication. The ability of married couples to express their feelings to each other in a good manner is what is required. Communications between spouses should at the end of the day be satisfying and edifying. When there is good communication, a party to the marriage would feel comfortable and at ease to ask the other what he or she want.

 2.Conflict management ability

Since the parties to marriage come from different background and experience and education before marriage, behaviours, way of thinking, perceptions are also different and therefore conflicts inevitably may rear their ugly heads. Conflict should not take center stage in marriages even though it inadvertently comes. It should be minimized. Disagreements, quarrels, and frictions may occur, but the ability to iron out differences and move on in good faith is what matters.

Each married couple should have the attitude to solve conflicts by trying to understand the source of the conflicts and solve it from there. There should be an adjustment, tolerance, patience, negotiation and amicable resolution objectives set by married couples.


  1. Admiration and recognition

Admiring and recognizing what your spouse does is very important in marriage. This makes married couples know that they are valued, appreciated, loved and confirms that they made the right decision to get married to you. Being thankful or praising your spouse in words or actions for giving you gifts, surprises, sacrificing or good food is a recipe for a successful marriage.

  1. Understand that marriage situation is not smooth sailing always

Marriages are not devoid of challenges. They could be challenges like sudden illness of spouse that may demand attention, care and huge financial expenditure, sudden loss of a job, childlessness sometimes, and financial incapacity. There could external challenges emanating from families, friends, workplace, church, vicinity, and reference groups. It is incumbent on the married couples not to be surprised at the appearance of these challenges is exactly the point am making here. The married couples should develop strong mental fortitude coupled with remedial steps to move through the challenges successfully.


  1. The married couple should have time for each other Spending time with each other as married couples are ideal. Distance should not be a barrier here. Spending time on the phone, being physically present, going out sometimes and sexual intimacy is key. Most married couples forget to spend time together when procreation begins to take place, the children only become the most important nuclear family member, at the expense of the spouses.

Other factors like having a common religion, determination of responsibilities and having some reasonable level of trust in each other and fidelity are the vital tonic to a successful marriage


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