The European Union has barred a list of African countries and other countries across the world from entering their countries when they lift the Coronavirus restrictions starting from July 1.

Ghana is part of the countries that the EU has failed to include in its list of welcomed countries. Other African countries barred from entering the borders of the EU include Nigeria, Togo and South Africa.

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In all, the EU is allowing citizens of 54 countries to enter its block from across the world. The EU compiled the list of approved countries based on their COVID-19 management success and epidemiology.

Aside the African countries mentioned above, the European Union has also barred some advanced countries including US, Brazil and Russia from entering through its borders until COVID-19 situations improve in those countries.

However, Namibia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Uganda among others are allowed entry into Europe by the end of the first week in July.

EP Plenary session – Debate on the future of Europe with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg

The EU officials explained that the decision was made on strictly health grounds. The EU is undergoing a strategic reopening of its member states after the Coronavirus pandemic forced the block to institute travel bans and close its borders.

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