Adam Mutawakilu, a member of Parliament’s Mining and Energy Committee, called on the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to withdraw directives that obliged energy companies to levy VAT, GETfund, and NHIL on electricity they sell to Ghana Electricity Company.

In a letter from GRA dated May 4, 2020, guidelines were announced that such services would no longer be valued at zero.

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Damongo MP told Citi News that the decision if implemented would raise electricity prices to unbearable levels.

“You all know that President Nana Addo spoke to the nation on April 9 about COVID-19. In this speech, he said electricity consumers get a 50% discount. Ghanaians welcomed him wholeheartedly and he said that this would take effect on May 1, even though many users don’t have access to this help yet.”

“What the Ghanaians do not know and especially residential consumers, who constitute the majority of consumers, is that President Nana Akufo-Addo provides assistance to apartment consumers with the right hand and taking all of them back with his left hand. On May 4, 2020, a letter from GRA to the ECG to impose GETFund costs, the national health insurance levy, and sales tax for household electricity consumers, so if you calculate, consumers will pay 18.125% more than their current consumption rate” Mutawakilu said.

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