27 year old Daria Albyeva have been arrested by police for allegedly almost stabbing Tatiana Nazarinova, her roommate to death. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Tatiana was stabbed in the abdomen, hip, shoulder, face, armpit and hands with a knife.

Tatiana detailed her attack to NY Daily News. She said she and Daria used to stay together years ago in California. He decided to help Daria with her drinking when the two reunited on the East Coast.

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Tatiana said her pal, Daria had a longtime drinking problem and therefore, when they reunited, she decided to help her reduce her alcohol intake because they were both Russians who are taught to normally help each other.

Tatiana thought Daria will get better due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lock down. Instead, her situation deteriorated. She drunk all hours indoors.

Law enforcement said Tatiana found a whiskey cup in the room and threw it down the sink. This infuriated Diara who took a knife and attacked Tatiana stabbing her at multiple spots on her body.


Sources told TMZ that, the cut on Tatiana’s face was 3-inches long. She experienced numbness in her fingers and had no feeling at the upper half of her leg. She reportedly underwent surgery to treat stab wounds to her abdomen. She also had stitches on her hip, face, shoulder and hands.

Daria bolted after the attack. Paramedics found Tatiana and saved her life at the hospital. Police arrested her attacker, Daria, 8 days after the incident. She was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Daria is currently spending time at Rivers Island with a $750,000 bond.

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