President Akuffo Addo as part of his visit in Canada attended Women Deliver Conference where he was asked series of questions on women empowerment and representation in parliament in Ghana and this is what he had to say;

“We are not seeing enough dynamism and activism on the part of those who are seeking. I am talking about dynamism where it matters…electing people to Parliament, controlling political parties because they are the instruments by which our societies make decisions”.
“We are talking about decisions, not wishes and hopes, we are talking about decisions that are going to make the difference”. However, the women at the Conference were not impressed about his answer including one of the panelist, Dr Alaa Murabit, the UN’s High Commissioner on Health Employment and Economic Growth who kept interjecting President Akuffo Addo’s submission on women in administration of his governance in Ghana. Dr Alaa Murabit therefore asked President Akuffo Addo to create congenial atmosphere for women to commit themselves to governance in Ghana.

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Ghana’s population abounds in women, but less are represented in governance, however one could say that President Akuffo Addo has 30% of women being part of his administration representing an improvement in the political history of Ghana.



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