A shocking new study published in Physics of Fluids reveals that people can still contract the novel Coronavirus with their face masks on even when they stand four feet apart.

The research, co-authored by University of Nicosia professor Dimitris Drikakis reiterated the need for proper social distancing since face covering alone is not enough to protect against the virus.

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The researchers explained that face coverings alone cannot prevent fluids projected by coughs from reaching the face. They referred to the findings of the study as “alarming”. The researchers also found out that saliva can travel 18 feet in 5 seconds.

“The use of a mask will not provide complete protection, therefore, social distancing remains essential,” Professor Drikakis said.

“The droplet sizes change and fluctuate continuously during cough cycles as a result of several interactions with the mask and face.”

Co-author Dr. Talib Dbouk said: “Masks decrease the droplet accumulation during repeated cough cycles. However, it remains unclear whether large droplets or small ones are more infectious.”

the United States remains the epicenter of the virus with more than 2 million cases. Worldwide infections have reason over 8 million as of Wednesday June 17.

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