Comedian DKB has thrown some shots at Ghanaian actress and celebrity Efia Odo for having a “bloated ego”.

The comedian who took to twitter to take a swipe at Efia Odo accused the actress of thinking everyone man wants her. He jokingly compared her to her colleague, Nikki Samonas who he said has a beautiful leg than Efia Odo.

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“So the reason for Efia Odo’s bloated ego is cos she thinks every man in Ghana is crushing on her apuutoorr 😂 Sia, your face like bush cat, even Nikki Samonas whose under feet looks better than your make up face, we dey cheat on am! 😎Y3nkor heblews Wai 😂It go over U,” DKB wrote in a tweet.

Comedian DKB

In another tweet, DKB said Efia Odo called him a dumb ass. He bragged that he would have been her lecturer if there was justice in the world.

“Ah ewiasi paaa, Efia odo too had the guts to call me dumb ass. Social media inflates ego and leaves brains behind. If there is any justice, I would have been your lecturer in a university you could never qualify into.Dumbass is thinking American accent is intelligence 😝😂.”

Comedian BKB mocked Efia Odo further by posting a picture of a heavily built young lady. DKB said the lady’s stature is what men prefer and not Efia Odo’s.

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