This is a season of God’s justice, and sometimes his justice might look like judgment to others in what he is doing, but at the same time his justice is not to be confused with what the enemy is doing. Sometimes when God moves, the enemy comes into to distract by doing evil things to give God credit for it.

Through prophecy, the Lord can tell you what will be happening at any given time in the Church and in the world, but it does not always mean that God is the source of those things happening. There are times where he does bring judgment on nations to correct them and to drive out the evil and corruption from wicked forces, but when you see a lot of innocent people, including some Christians, dying because of no fault of their own, then that is the work of the devil.

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Even in all those things, sometimes the Lord allows things to happen that the enemy is doing because he is looking for a people to pray and to turn back to him through repentance where they have strayed away. Job was innocent, but yet he was tested by the devil by the invitation of God, but God was not the one that was carrying out the attacks against Job. It was the devil, but God allowed only certain things to happen, but he did not die and he was restored in the end. God allowed the test to prove to the devil what was in Job’s heart and to show him that it was in Job’s heart to serve the Lord no matter what circumstances or conditions that he was faced with. Can you be counted the same before the Lord when times of testing come, or will you turn bitter and complain and say, “Why is all this happening.”

Holy Bible

In the end in Chapter 42, you will see that God sought things out with Job and his friends and corrected those false accusing friends and restored Job. Both Job and Joseph never complained before the Lord and asked him, “Why are you doing all this to me?” Instead they humbly praise him through it and continue to walk with him until they were restored and promoted. You see a turning point for Joseph in Genesis Chapter 41 and you see a turning point of victory for Job in Job Chapter 42. Your turning point is coming too if you stay in faith and continue in the faith. Your victory before the Lord is certain. I can tell you right now that what you are seeing with some of the stuff that is going on with the Coronavirus in some nations, not all nations, but some, is a cover for some nations to do evil and wickedness to the people and use the Coronavirus Outbreak as a cover for their evil deeds, but God will bring all those people and those nations into judgment in such cases, and they will not go unpunished, but God loves you as his people, and he will not leave you, nor forsake you, or overlook you any longer. You are on his radar to be blessed.


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