Popular blogger Zionfelix has shared an experience he had which lead to him getting a broken heart after a celebrity blocked him on Instagram.

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The blogger who is known for covering everything entertainment stated that he couldn’t stand it when the celebrity blocked him from seeing his post for the reason he knows nothing about.

Taking to his social media handle he wrote saying;

“Good news: for the very first time, I just had a name block me on Instagram. It hurts as f***ck because I such a lot love this girl but this is often the trail she’s decided to maneuver and that I can’t force her. I wish her all the simplest but I’ll still do my job as a blogger – if there’s any item of her that I want to report, I’ll respectfully do this.

I’m sure by 20 mins time, I’ll be over this block and continue my normal duties as a person’s being.. this hurt shall also pass”

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